You found my long lost aunt


There is this really cool story I want to share with you
and I know you never heard it before.

One of my clients was begging people to like her FB
page (are you doing this?) and I was one of them.

I said to her, why not let me do an ad on Facebook
and get some likes for you of real followers.

She said ok, do it.

Today she emails me about this really cool thing that 

Here is what she said.

"By the way, my one and only surviving aunt found the 
ad you are doing and Liked my page. I tracked the name 
down when I saw it and it was her. I haven't seen her since 
I was 9 years old. We've lived on opposite sides of the 
country all this time and never has the family's got together 
since I was a kid.

Family reunion on the internet."

Isn't that a cool story?

It just so happened that her aunt like the interests that I
targeted which are interests that my client specializes in.

Crazy things happen when you decide to step out and take

It isn't all about money.

It also is the relationships you build and the old ones you
re-discover like my client did.

I meet some great people when building a business.
Like one of my closest friends that I only met last year
because we were both in the same business.

If you want to start a business from home or if you have
one and haven't made any money and tired of that,
go here, watch this video, and make a decision today to
get started.

TJ Chambers 


Do you like cash back?


 I just recently fell in love with cash back.

This kind of cash back is a little different than what you are used too.

You might have a credit card that gives you cash back rewards
but you have to use it to get the rewards...

...but do you take advantage of it?

Most people don't.

What if you could use make purchases for people, make money
on those purchases, and get cash back at the same time.

We teach this concept inside of our elite training but here is
is a bit about it.

Today I sold an item and made a profit.  Then my supplier gave me
5% cashback on the product sold.  I used my credit card to purchase
the product and I received a 1% cashback.

Its kinda funny... making money on someone else's money.


I was thinking about this method of making money on line today.

This has been by far the easiest way to make money right now and
it is deposited right into your paypal account.

The reason why it is the easiest is:

- I list an item, it sells, I make money.
- I sell products people want and are buying now.
- I don't have to recruit anyone to make money.
- I don't have to stock any products or ship them.
- I don't need friends or family to buy anything.
- I don't need a website.
- I don't need to build an email list.
- I don't have to advertise.

What do you think about that?
I ended up selling 2 items today but I also have a bunch of items
ending without selling.

At first, things move a little slow especially if you will be opening
a new ebay and paypal account.

So what I want to do is help you make your first $19.95 in 30 days.

This is a small goal to get started and I know I can help you do this.
The potential is way bigger but I would rather tell you $19.95 and you
make $100 vs telling you $3k and you make nothing.

This is the way it works with most biz opps today.  Promise big, deliver

If you didn't watch this video to see what I am doing, make sure you see it.

Get started today, so I can help you.  We have video trainings for you to
watch at anytime of the day.  I will be here to help if you have questions.

Watch it now and get started.

Tj Chambers 

Is This Exciting?


The last 3 days now, I've had something happen
that you want to happen...

You may even wish you could do this but just
don't know how.

I'm here to tell you...

You can do it.
You can do this.

If you want to make money from home, on
the internet, this is what you want to see.

Here is my first goal.

I want to help you make $19.95 this month.

You might be thinking, what, that is nothing
for me to get excited about...

... but I want you to start slow.

It costs $19.95 to learn what I am doing and
in your first month, I want to help you make
it back so you break even.


I could say I want to help you make 6 figures
in 30 days...

...and that message sells really well...

...but it just is not a reality for most people.

You wouldn't make that in 30 days and you
would be ready to quit.  That message is full of
hype and you would feel hopeless.

I don't want you to experience that.

So if I shoot low to help you break even in 30
days and you make more than that, you are going
to feel good and I'm going to look like a champ.

If you at minimum break even, you will have made
some money and broke even.

If you can make that, you can do it again and make more.

Is there a chance you wont make anything your first month?
Sure, there is always a chance of that.

I remember in our Facebook group, a girl was saying how she
was doing this for weeks and never made money.  She was feeling
a little down.

True story....

That day, her first sale came in.  She was on fire and so excited.

If you are ready to see what I am talking about...

Watch this short video:

TJ Chambers 

cha-ching Booya


 Today something really cool happened and you can experience it as well.See, this is normal for me but it has always been difficult for my team members,
as well as most people that try to make money online... 

Until I discovered this...

Today I was just relaxing at home while my wife was still sleeping and I heard,


It's this cool app that tells me when a sale was made.

Before you freak out about selling (I hate selling and get scared myself), you
can do this without:

- Talking to people
- Building a list (email, warm market, cold market, etc)
- Begging people to buy or join
- Making phone calls
- Marketing or advertising
- Learning difficult skills
- Spending a bunch of money on trainings or products or services
- Buying products to store and ship

Why am I mentioning those items above?

Because every secret loophole, product, business opportunity, program,
money making deal, commission getting into bank account secrets... have to do one or more of those items on the list.

Most of those items take a special skill that most of us don't have or a lot
of money to put into buying high dollar training, coaching, program fees, etc.

Here is what happened today.

I made a sale on a product I listed on Ebay that is for sale at Amazon. 
Cool thing is, I made a profit ($4.73).  You know what else?  I only had to
purchase it after I received the money to my paypal account and I did not 
have to store the product or ship it.  

It is all done for me.

I didn't think this would work.  See, I'm a bargain shopper and look for the
cheapest price.  Apparently, everyone is not like this and will buy items when
they see it.

When you watch this video, you will see what I have been doing exactly.

TJ Chambers

He-Man just showed up (funny)


When I was a child, I used to watch a lot of cartoons.

Did you watch them too?

The cartoons I watched are way different that the horrible
ones I see on tv today.

One of them was He-man (and She-ra).  

Compared to today's standards, the graphics were terrible.

"I have the power!"

Just look He-man up on youtube and you will see what I
am talking about if you don't know about He-man.

I was watching our brand new video that was just released
yesterday and I was surprised to see my friend dressed up
as He-man.

I was laughing because he looked so ridiculous with the wig on.
If you missed this video...

Watch it right now.
You wont see him in the beginning but keep watching because
you are going to laugh at how crazy he looks.

As I'm sitting here thinking about this, I remember playing with
my cousins that had the Grey Skull castle and He-man figures.

The mouth opened down like a draw bridge.

Amazing how much fun children can have.  They have such
a great imagination.

Do you still have yours?

Can you remember playing as a child and being creative?
Did you have an invisible friend or tea parties with dolls?

My sister used to take her dolls and play school.  She wanted
to be a teacher when she grew up but never became one. 

I know you still have dreams that you are shooting for and
want to make a reality.

Make sure you watch this video and see how it can help
you accomplish your dreams.

TJ Chambers 

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